Our combo heat press is the most mature sublimation technology. Any image press and any shapes of objects, as long as the user can think of, can be realized during sublimation in this 6-in-1 press. It is not just a collection of different press techniques, but a demonstration of aesthetics, innovation and imagination.

This king machine triumphs any other press machines with its unparallel compact functions and strong competitiveness.

The steel main structure together with the silicon accessories constitute the most reasonable assembly, presenting you a durable and truly professional press device.

• Small cylindrical heating element for mugs (11oz and 15oz)
• Small cylindrical heating element for mugs (6oz to 10oz)
• 8" plate element
• 10" plate element
• 14 x 8.5cm swing heating plate
• 30 x 38cm swing heating plate

• Rated Input Voltage - 110v, 50-60Hz
• Rated Input Power - 2350W
• Temperature Range - 0-430 F
• Time Control Range - 0-999 seconds
• Starting Temperature Range - 200-380 F
• Ending Temperature Range - 200-430 F
• 3 month warranty

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Combo Press 6 in 1

  • Product Code: MC6H1

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